Moving into a new house? Need a bachelorette or bachelor party idea? Are a soon to be bride and groom hosting a joint shower? If so this is the perfect party theme! This is a great way to have fun, show off a new home and of course celebrate with all your friends while stocking the bar for the next party you will soon be hosting. 

No matter the occasion, as the host of a stock the bar party there are a few things that you will need.
Even though this is a stock the bar party you still want to make sure to have plenty of drinks available for your guests during the party. Your guests may bring nice bottles of wine or other drinks that you will want to save for later and not open during the party. 
What party would be complete without something to eat? You can go heavy on the snack foods and dips as most guests will be socializing and/or checking out your new home during the party and not want to sit down to eat. I love all these mini snacks which are perfect for an event like this.
Don't be shy when it comes to stating on the invitation that this is a stock the bar party. If you are getting married make sure to register for a good amount of bar accessories and for those celebrating a new home be prepared for all kinds of silly bar accessories. This is a theme that everyone enjoys shopping for and you never know what your guests are going to bring. Maybe something like this gift basket below?
A nice way to say thank you to all your guests for helping you stock your bar is with a nice favor. A great go-to gift idea is to make custom koozies that your guests can use during the event and take home with them.

The great thing about this party? You don't need any major decorations. If this doesn't sound like a party to you without decorations you can always buy some festive tablecloths, plates, napkins and utensils. For the centerpiece you could use empty liquor and wine bottles as vases. 

What is your favorite thing to give when attending a stock the bar party?


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