Growing up snow days meant that we had a day off from school to go and play outside in the snow all day. Just because you have grown up doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the same snow day traditions as you did as a kid. So next time you see snow forecasted for where you live stock up on some of these snow day treats to be able to host the perfect snow day party.

What would a snow day be without some fun snow day activities. If everyone is up for going outside divide into teams and have a snowman building contest. Here is the snowman that my family built the last time we had a good snow storm come through.

Being out in the cold, and maybe taking part in a snow ball war, will have everyone searching for some warm beverages when they come back inside. Set up a hot chocolate and tea bar for all your guests to enjoy. You can even pull out a bottle of kahlua to turn that childhood snow day treat into a fun adult beverage. 
While everyone is warming back up you can put on a fun wintertime movie and serve some warm treats. Some of my wintertime favorite treats are soup and a warm sandwich, like tomato soup with grilled cheese. If you want to get a little more creative try making some snowman pancakes.
So next time you have a snow day invite a few of your friends over and have a fun snow day together! What is your favorite thing to do on a snow day?  


Have an idea you would like me to do a post about? Let me know! Share what event topic or party idea you would like to see me blog about in the comments section below. You never know what might show up in 2013!!

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