As with most things I pin on Pinterest they are totally out of season. So they get pinned and then by the time the holiday comes around I am filled to the brim with new ideas that I want to try. St. Patrick’s Day is no different. Last year I saw these adorable clover cupcakes and could not wait for March to get here to try these out! Here is what you will need to make these adorable shamrock cupcakes.

You will need
     - Muffin tin
     - 1 bag of marbles
     - cupcake liners
     - cupcake mix
     - frosting
     - green food coloring
     - white Mentos candies
     - black piping gel (or black icing)
     - green candy (for stem)

Step One:
Take a regular size muffin tin and place cupcake liners into each cup. For each cup take three marbles and place each one between the cupcake liner and the tin. You should end up with somewhat of a "Y" shape when all 3 marbles are in place.
Step Two:
Prepare your batter per mix instructions and then add green food coloring until desired color is achieved.

Step 3:
Pipe batter, a spoon created too much of a mess, into each muffin cup until it is half filled. Bake the cupcake at 350 degrees for approximately 15 minutes. Use a tooth pick to test the center and if needed cook at additional 1 minute intervals until done. Remove from oven and let cool.

Step Four:
After cupcakes have cooled, carefully remove each cupcake from the tin. There will be some cupcake batter on the marbles but you can cut away and wash the marbles after. Carefully pull off any excess cupcake batter so that you have your shamrock shape.
Step Five:
Time to decorate! If not already colored, add food coloring to dye your frosting a deep shade of green. Once you have your desired color, pipe the icing onto each cupcake following the "Y" outline. To finish decorating take 2 Mentos candies for eyes, black piping gel for the eyes and mouth and green candy for the shamrock stem. Eat and enjoy!

And for those who are slightly obsessed with the McDonald’s Shamrock shakes you will want to check out this DIY shamrock shake recipe. Do you have a St. Patrick’s Day treat that you can’t wait to make this year? I am looking forward to enjoying some classic Yuengling beer post race. Make sure to check back next week for some more St. Patty's day food ideas!


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