Happy Black Friday to you all as we are now fully into holiday mode! I have already broken out the Christmas music and the decorations will be following shortly!!

To kick off the holiday spirit I have a great craft that you can make for all your holiday gifts and parties that are to come. These reindeer drink decorations are easy to do and are easy to customize. So go pick out your favorite bottled beverage and start crafting!

To make these you will need:
    - your favorite bottled beverage (wine bottles, beer, water, etc.)
    - brown pipe cleaners
    - red pom poms
    - googly eyes
    - glue gun or craft glue

** Before you start make sure your beverage bottle is at room temperature or else the glue will have a hard time sticking. 

Step 1: To make the antlers take a pipe cleaner and cut it into fourths. Take two of the cut pieces and twist one onto each end of a new pipe cleaner to make the antlers. Then twist your antlers onto the top neck of the bottle.

Step 2: Next glue a set of googly eyes and a pom pom onto the bottle to make your reindeer's face. Once the glue has dried your bottles are all ready for the holidays! 

I made these last year for my friends for their Christmas gifts. They fully appreciated a six pack of reindeer beer. If you are going to a holiday party you can decorate a bottle of wine to give as a gift to the hostess. Or if you just want some festive drinks for the holiday you can save these for yourself. Get ready to play some reindeer games with these holiday drinks.


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