To me it just wouldn't be Halloween without a decorated pumpkin. As a kid I loved picking out a design, or creating my own, to carve onto my pumpkin. My family would always set aside a night where we would spread newspaper out on our kitchen table, pull out the pumpkin carving set and have a fun filled family evening of carving pumpkins. Obviously when my sister and I were really young we would just watch our dad do the carving, but we still helped out by pulling out all the pumpkin "guts." Even today I still love all the possibilities that come with carving a pumpkin. 

To get into the Halloween spirit (and get your pumpkin ready for the 31st invite your friends to take part in all the pumpkin decorating fun by hosting a pumpkin carving party! A pumpkin carving party is easy to host as all your guests will come with their pumpkin and carving supplies. Besides that here are some great tips on hosting a successful pumpkin carving party.

1. Find an open area (outdoors if possible – easier to clean up!) for everyone to have a designated carving area.
2. Create or buy some cute invitations. I am loving this pumpkin invitation from paperless post! You can also include some great links for your guests to print out their carving template.
3. Pull out all your pumpkin carving utensils and extra spoons for some carving fun.
4. Create a spooky Halloween playlist.
5. Put together a yummy pumpkin themed menu. Don’t forget the pumpkin flavored drinks that are out this time of year!
6. Find (or create) some fun Halloween themed paper products like these cups that are very easy to make and your guests will love. You can even put out sharpies so your guests can complete the face (instead of writing their name) so they know which cup is theirs.
7. Put together a party favor bag for your guests. Make sure to include some tea lights for their pumpkins as well as instruction on how to keep their carved pumpkin fresh until Halloween.

The best thing about hosting a pumpkin carving party is seeing what designs everyone chooses to carve their pumpkin into. What design are you carving your pumpkin into this year? 


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