When it comes to wedding you can host the reception just about anywhere. Originality in your reception venue is more common now as couples want to move away from the standard event ballroom. Hosting your reception at a pool is a fun way to celebrate. Here are some great ideas that you can include in a pool party wedding.

When it comes to decorating at an outdoor venue it is a great idea to have additional lighting. One option you can try is creating lantern columns. Lantern columns, like the ones on the left, can provide a great lighting option. Martha Stewart has provided a great tutorial on how to make them. Another great option is to string up Christmas lights like in the picture below. Colored lights are even an option with your outdoor lighting.
Choosing a unique venue can help in shaping your event theme. With a pool party atmosphere you can have your food, drinks and decor be pool themed. And of course when it comes to your color selection a nice pool blue and white are perfect color options.  And of course when it comes to the invitation a pool theme is a must!
Creating pool themed food and drinks are also a great option when incorporating the pool theme into your wedding. These fun pool themed cookies were made by Glorious Treats and can be served along side your wedding cake or can be handed out as your wedding favors. And no wedding is complete without a specialty cocktail. This Bon Voyage martini created by Tasty Trix is pool inspired and wedding cocktail worthy. 
Would you use this pool theme at your wedding? What other pool inspired details would you include? Share your ideas below in the comments or by tagging your indeas with @PreppyPlanner on Pinterest. To keep up with the latest from The Preppy Planner you can follow me on Twitter @PreppyPlanner and by signing up for the daily emails on the "Follow Me" tab. 



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