I will not shy away from admitting my slight obsession with Pinterest. I could spend hours and hours on the site finding great recipes to try, new crafts to tackle, outfits to style and of course party ideas galore! So when I came across this Pinterest Party idea I first thought it was hysterical and then realized I already do this most anytime I plan for a party anyways. This just gets everyone on Pinterest finding great new things to try. (And then you can all share your pins with each other or create one big group board for the event!) Here is how you can host your own Pinterest Party with your friends...

Of course you will want to use cute invitations and party printables that you find on Pinterest for your Pinterest party. There really is no other acceptable option. These cute ones are from etsy shop Making Things Whimsical and are perfect for this Pinterest Party!
Now that you have the invitations done here are the party guidelines:
  • Decide what Pinterest activities you want your guests to complete (meal, craft, nails, etc.).
  • Create a Pinterest board for everyone to RSVP their find to. You don't want any repeats!
  • Have all your guests show up in their favorite Pinterest inspired outfit.
  • Enjoy your Pinterest activities. I like the option of combining as many different Pinterest activities at one time.
  • And because you all have so much fun doing it pick a date for your next Pinterest Party night in a month or two!

How simple is that party! This is how I get all my ideas for our Girl's Dinners and where I find the majority of my event crafting ideas. What is your favorite thing that you have tried from Pinterest?


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