In keeping with the colorful events theme I shared with you on Tuesday I have a great paint party idea to share with you today. Originally I drew inspiration for a paint party theme from this Art Party by Kate P. but then I read about this amazing painting party that was hosted in promotion of the new Stoli campaign. I still love the classic idea of having all these bright Crayola colored tablecloths, crafts, and food but felt that this Paint Mixer was a more grown up version of the paint party.

To start the evening at this paint mixer everything was white. All the guests were asked to wear white, the room was white, even the food was white. This created the perfect blank canvas for an evening of creativity. A table of paint brushes, pallets and paints were provided for all the guests to decorate the framed canvases on the walls as well as each other (protective lab coats and goggles were supplied for those that wanted them). As the evening progressed color was gradually introduced into the paint mixer by the guest’s newly designed pieces of artwork, a transition to colorful foods and colorful event lighting. Each guest could also create their own masterpiece to take home using paint and a spin art machine. Check out some of the pictures from this adult styled paint party.

Here are some guests who are all decked out in white and ready to start painting!
Of course every painter needs their painting supplies.
These guests couldn't wait to add their creative mark to the venue's white canvas. Colorful lights were introduced on the walls later in the evening to add even more colors.
Every party has to have a favor for their guests and these DIY spin art masterpieces were the perfect idea!
Now I know that creating an entire white room for a party may be hard, but you can still take inspiration from an upscale evening like this and let your creativity be your guide. Maybe you can host a similar event outdoors with blank canvases hung on easels and have everyone come in a white t-shirt that they would not mind having painted. What other paint inspired party ideas do you have?


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