Even though it is winter that doesn’t mean all your events have to take place inside. For those that live in the north there are so many different winter activities you can take part in. From ice skating, snow tubing, skiing, snowboarding and more you can create an entire outdoor party for you and your friends. 

For this winter outdoor party the first thing you will need is snow. After that send out a fun invite to all your friends so that they can prepare for the outdoor get together. There are plenty of great sites like Punchbowl and Paperless Post that offer a wide variety of free electronic initiations that are perfect for a last minute party (as you never know when you will get snow).

The great part about an outdoor party like this? No need for decorations! Let the great outdoors create a fun winter white setting for your get together. 
What’s a party without some fun outdoor activities! Meet at an outdoor skate rink or somewhere with great sledding hills. There are also quite a few locations in the north that organize local ice carving and snow sculpture contests. If you live somewhere that hosts one of those events signup your whole group to participate. Even if you are not a world renowned winter sculpture you can still have fun with all your friends trying! Depending on what activity don't forget to let your guests know if they need to bring skates or a sled.

Once you have enjoyed some fun in the snow have all your friends over to enjoy a nice outdoor fit pit happy hour. Use the snow to keep all your drinks chilled and pull out those drink koozies so no fingers get too cold holding onto a drink. Have a Crockpot filled with something warm and delicious for everyone to enjoy while sitting by the fire. This is something you can easily have cooking while you are out having fun. You can also fill some snack bags with pretzels and other snack foods for the guests to nibble on when they arrive as they will probably be hungry after the fun filled day.
I am not a huge fan of the cold, but with a party like this I would gladly brave a day out into the cold. Just make sure you have a few extra blankets on hand for those guests that may need an extra layer or two.  What is your favorite outdoor winter activity to take part in?


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