There are only a few more days left until we countdown to 2013. Here are some great NYE party ideas that can help you ring in the new year. So pull out those party hats, wind up those noise makers and get ready to pop that bottle of champagne as you start the countdown!

At most every party you will find appetizers, snacks and an over flowing bar. After you have already slaved away in the kitchen for Thanksgiving and Christmas this holiday season it is finally time to take a break from the kitchen. Here is a simple menu that you can serve at your NYE party.

- Onion Dip with Chips
- Pistachios 
- Baked Brie with Crackers
- Hummus and Veggies
- Cheese Straws
- Christmas Dessert Goodies (anything that was gifted or left over is perfect!)
- DIY Cocktail Bar
Each of these items can easily be prepared ahead of time and require no more than 10-15 minutes of prep. Right before the guests arrive pull out all your prepared items and serve each dish in nice bowls or on platters for a picture perfect New Year’s party spread. All your guests will think you slaved away prepping for this party.

While all your guests are waiting to countdown to the new year have a few fun games and activities set out that everyone can play. Classic board games like Apple to Apples, Left Right Center, Mad Gab, Fact or Crap, and Pictionary are games that all your guests can take part in. I have always found that after one or two cocktails these games can get quite hysterical to play!
And when it gets closer to midnight it is officially time to break out the countdown party basket. Hand out the party hats, noise makers, confetti poppers and the glasses of champagne to all your guests so that everyone can countdown to the New Year in proper party style.
3, 2, 1. . . Happy New Year!! What are you doing this year to celebrate the countdown to the New Year?


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