The shift dress was originally created when Lilly opened up a juice stand in Palm Beach and needed something that would disguise juice stains. Her juice stand was a hit, but even more so was her shift dresses. Then in 1959 the shift dress had its national debut when the first lady, Jackie Kennedy, was photographed for the cover of Life magazine wearing a Lilly. The rest is history. So to continue from my Lilly Party Essentials Post on Tuesday I have put together an amazing Lilly Party that is all about the Lilly shift dress.

From my point of view you just cannot go wrong with any type of Lilly theme or decoration at a party. But when I saw these shift dress party ideas I completely fell in love with this idea and it is perfect for spring (or summer)! To celebrate the classic shift a pink and green party theme is a must in my book. So grab your friends and your shifts and get ready to have some fun!

Shift Decorations
I love the shift dress banner, wall decorations and bags that Melissa Meredith from Southern Vogue created for this Shift into Spring party (where all the inspiration started)! You can create a basic shift pattern out of cardstock to trace and then use whatever color paper you desire to create your shift dresses. 
Shift Cookies
Just like I stated on Tuesday what is a Lilly party without desserts! I found this great shift cookie cutter that you can then decorate in classic Lilly colors and prints. Since there have been so many shifts made over the years (the dress design is over 50 years old!) any pattern or design you choose to decorate your shift cookies is acceptable. Or if decorating cookies is not your forte you can order adorable Lilly shift cookies already decorated online, like the ones below from etsy shop Pea Pods Cookies. She has tons of different Lilly inspired prints to choose from.
Shift Menu, Place Card & Favor
Ever since they came out I have been collecting the Lifeguard Press shift note card sets. These are perfect to use as your menus and place cards for this Lilly party. You can take one shift note card insert the menu inside and print the person’s name on the outside. Since they are already folded all you then have to do is place them at each person’s seat. As a party favor provide each guest with a cute white frame for their note card to fit into. It is the perfect 3-in-1 party accessory!
To help in finishing accessorizing your Lilly Party you can add other adorable Lilly accessories. There can never be too much Lilly! What other Lilly Party ideas do you have?


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