For those that have seen me plan an event you know that I can’t resist crafting over buying items for the party. Christmas time is no different! This year I have been crafting quite a bit for the holidays. From cards, to centerpieces and decorations there is nothing that I won’t try to make. Here is a great mantelpiece display and table centerpiece that I have made this year from empty wine bottles. For each craft remove the bottle’s labels and make sure they have a clean surface. 

Holiday Mantle Display
This holiday craft is great to make as it fills up a mantle or can make for festive background décor on a buffet table. To make this display you will need:
        - felt letter stickers
        - spray paint

Choose your holiday saying that you would like to display, I chose “Happy Holidays.” Pick out which bottles you want to use and line them up in the order you would like to have them displayed. I chose all green bottles so that the letters would all be a similar shade once the letters were removed. Place one letter on each bottle. Spray each bottle so that it is covered. Once dry remove the letter stickers and you are ready to display your creation! 

Holiday Table Centerpiece
For those that want a little snowy display this is the perfect craft for you. To make the centerpiece you will need:
        - white spray paint
        - spray adhesive
        - Epson salt

Paint the wine bottle white. Once dry spray the adhesive onto the area you want to make look snowy. Pour Epson salt into a try or box and then roll the bottle over the Epson salt until covered. Press firmly onto the Epson salt to make sure it adheres. Once dry you are ready to display! I displayed 3 bottles together on a gold charger, added silver and gold sparkly floral stems into the bottles and some gold and silver ornaments around the plate. 

I made both of these crafts for my office holiday party that is today. They are both budget friendly crafts and easy to customize based on the party’s color palette. Let me know if you try your hand at making either of these wine bottle crafts. I would love to see your end results! Do you have a favorite holiday craft you like to make? Happy Holidays!!


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04/24/2014 6:24am

The Holiday Party Crafting is so cool. Featured you on <a href="">Creative Wine Bottle Centerpieces</a>

04/24/2014 8:48am

Thanks for the feature!!


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