Every year I attend at least one Christmas or holiday party that has a gift exchange. If you are hosting a holiday party this is a great way to get all your guests involved and will guarantee to provide some laughs. You will see some of the most random gifts appear at a gift. Here are 3 of my favorite gift exchange games you can choose from.

1. Left-Right Game. This one is a classic for any gift exchange as everyone gets to listen to a fun story while passing the gifts around in a circle. You will gets some laughs from the story as well as trying to keep up with all the “rights” and “lefts” that you will hear. You can make up your own story or use the classic Night Before Christmas story that has had a little twist!

2. Secret Santa. You can’t forget the classic gift exchange of Secret Santa. Get everyone together before your party and have each guest draw a name to see who they will be shopping for. If you can’t get everyone together, as the host, you can either assign each guest another guest’s name or you can use an online site to do it for you. A great one to use is SecretSanta.com. They let you send out all your invitations through the site, collects RSVP’s and will randomly generate and send out everyone’s Secret Santa.

3. White Elephant. This game has a few more rules to it than the others. To play ask all your guests to bring a present to put in the gift pile. Once you have everyone together you have each guest draw a number which will give them the order of the gift choosing. The person with #1 starts by selecting a gift. Next is #2’s turn. They can either take #1’s gift or choose their own from the gift pile. If #2 takes #1’s gift then #1 chooses a new gift from the pile. Next is #3. They can choose to take either gift that is already unwrapped or a new one from the pile. If #3 steals the gift from #1 or #2 then that person can steal the remaining gift or open a new one. During each round (each number starts a new round) each gift can only be stolen once. However, that gift can be stolen again during the next round. A round ends when a gift has been opened from the present pile. This continues on until the last gift has been opened from the pile.

If you choose to one of the group games make sure all your guests bring wrapped and unmarked presents. It is also important when organizing a gift exchange to let all your guests know what the spending range is. A pretty standard gift exchange range is between $10-15.

No matter what type of gift exchange you choose to do every guest will have a blast participating. Which gift exchange game is your favorite? Happy Holidays!!


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11/30/2012 1:15pm

I love it! Too cute. Thanks for the games!

11/30/2012 3:58pm

Hope you have fun playing!!


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