I have been waiting for today’s post for quite a while. A few months ago I found some amazing harry Potter themed party ideas but sadly had to hold onto them until closer to Halloween. Being the Harry Potter fan that I am, I could not wait to share some of the amazing idea that I found. So now, for all those Potter fans out there I have some great ideas for you on how to put together a great Harry Potter Halloween themed party.

To officially be a Harry Potter party a great way to start is with the decorations. At the doorway you can create the Platform 9 ¾ that transports your guests in the world of Harry Potter. Upon entering you can string floating battery operated candles from your ceiling with fishing wire and setup a Quidditch court in the front or backyard.  
Platform 9 ¾ and Quiddith field from Martha Shmartha and Floating Candles decoration from Spaghetti Arms.

Once your guests have arrived at Hogwarts it is off to the sorting ceremony. Have a sorting hat with slips of paper inside for your guests to choose their house. At the sorting hat you can place school colored ties, scarves, buttons, wands and capes for your newly sorted students.
When it comes to the food there are so many options. Since the books have come to life you don’t just have to imagine the food that J.K.Rolling described in her books they have now come to life. There has even been a Harry Potter cookbook published that you can get ideas from. However, I have found some of my favorites. 
From left to right: Harry Potter cookies by Kooking in Kate’s Kitchen, The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, Golden Snitch cake pops by Spaghetti Arms 

And of course there are the countless number of officially Harry Potter items that you can buy for your party like the every flavor jelly beans, chocolate frogs, official movie posters and table décor. For any Harry Potter fan the more “magical” you are able to make the party the better. What is your favorite party of the Harry Potter story that you would include at your party?



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