Happy Earth Day to you all! Today is all about being green and showing your love to the planet. You might be thinking yes I already recycle, have changed all the light bulbs to the little swirly ones and go to the farmer’s market to pick up local goodies. Now how do I go green for events?!? Well I have some perfect solutions for you! Here are 3 of my favorite ways to turn you events into Earth friendly ones.

1. Go Vintage. When planning your decoration and event design create something focused around items you already have. You can also reach out to friends and others in the event planning business to see what items they have as well that you could rent or borrow. If you don’t have to purchase new items you are saving money while also decreasing the need to make more of the item.

2. Go Local. There is no need to import items in for your event when you can go local. Use local vendors, ingredients from local farms, and host your event locally. You are able to support the local economy, cut down on transportation costs of all your event needs and will get to sample some amazing food that is all grown right where you live. What could be better than that!

3. Go Paperless. We are in the age where you don’t have to mail out an event invitation the traditional way anymore. You can turn your event into a paperless one by sending out electronic invitations from sites such as Paperless Post or Punch Bowl and track all your RSVPs right online. One event day use linen napkins and china for all your catering needs instead of paper napkins and plates.

Of course there are so many more ways that you can turn your event into a “green” one besides the ones I shared with you today. Green Gatherings is a great resource on how you can turn any type of event into a green one. How are you going green today?


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