With Halloween just 6 days away I hope you have already picked out your costume. Still need some help? You can check out my post of some great Halloween Costume Ideas. One of the fun things about a Halloween party, whether you are hosting or attending a party, is the Halloween costume contest.

When hosting a Halloween costume contest you just need a few things to make the contest a success.
     -  Entry Sheets
     -  Ballot Box
     -  Awards

It is always nice to let all your guests know to come dressed for the occasion and that you have fun prizes for the winners. If you really want to be proactive you can let your guests know the categories that will be judged.

Once guests arrive make sure to have ballots available where everyone will be able to find them at your party. You can even coordinate your ballots to the holiday by staining them and making them look old like these by Very Vegan Holiday.

Near the end of the evening tally up your ballots and announce the winners. You can present the winners with ribbons, trophies, or some Halloween themed goodie bag. The DIY skeleton award below was made by blog owner Mizerella and she provides a great step-by-step tutorial on how you can make them for your Halloween party.
What is the most creative/original costume you have ever seen at a Halloween party before?


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