It’s finally Friday!!! I thought a fun way to celebrate the end of the week would be with a fun Halloween themed treat; Nutter Butter ghost cookies.

To make these ghost cookies you will need:
     -  Nutter Butter Cookies
     -  White Chocolate Wafers
     -  Mini Chocolate Chips
     -  Chocolate Frosting
     -  Cookie Sheet
     -  Pot or Glass Bowl to Melt Chocolate
     -  Wax Paper
     -  Piping Bag
     -  Optional: Lollipop Sticks

Step 1: Melt the white chocolate wafers per their melting instructions. I have always melted my wafers in the microwave in a glass container. You just have to be careful that you don’t overcook the chocolate by zapping it in 60 second increments and stirring regularly.

Step 2: **If you want to have your ghost cookies on lollipop sticks you will want to insert the candy stick into the cookie before dipping it in the white chocolate.**

Step 3: Once the chocolate has melted dip each nutter butter to have it be fully covered. Lay them onto a sheet of wax paper to cool.

Step 4: While the white chocolate is still warm take two mini chocolate chips and create your ghost’s eyes and use the chocolate frosting to pipe on a mouth.

Step 5: Let your ghost completely cool before serving. If you are in a rush you can stick your ghost cookies into the fridge.

Enjoy!! What is your favorite cookie treat? Have a great weekend!!


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