For today's Friday foodie post I had a hard time trying to choose just one football themed food or drink item to share with all of you. So instead of featuring just one amazing football themed recipe I have three!! (By the way I also made the above funfetti stadium cake to look just like the old JMU Bridgeforth Stadium before all the renovations. All that needed was just a basic cake mix, a stadium cake pan and some decorating icing.)

The first football treat I found were these ice cream football pops from Rust and Sunshine. You take your ice cream and spread it in a pan and then refreeze. Once frozen, take a football shaped cookie cutter and cut out your ice cream footballs. Take your popsicle stick and insert it into the ice cream. Place all your pops back into the freezer. Next its time to melt your chocolate. Once melted dip your ice cream pops into the chocolate and let harden. Take some white frosting and add the football lines. Enjoy!!! 
My second football treat is this peanut butter football dip from Crazy for Crust. This is so easy to create. First you take your store bought peanut butter cookie dough and form it into a football shape. Next cover it in chocolate sprinkles and add some white frosting laces. Serve your peanut butter football dip with pretzels, cookies, or just hand out some spoons. 
And last, but not least, these football rice krispies treats. To make these you will use coco krispies, butter and marshmallows to make your original rice krispies treats. Once all mixed together shape the rice krispies into football shapes. After formed take some icing and draw on your football laces. I have made these for a tailgate before and there was not a single one left over by the end of the tailgate!
Each of these treats looked too delicious to pass up sharing! For more great football themed and tailgating treats check out this Pinterest page, Fall is for Football. What is your favorite tailgate or football themed treat?



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