Happy Friday everyone! Today I am featuring a cookie company that is beyond talented. Kooking in Kate’s Kitchen is a blog that features the cookies that Kate makes for events and parties. What started out as a 2011 resolution of making fun cookies has turned into a thriving business in the Richmond area. 

The owner, Kate, has created sugar cookies for baby showers, weddings (including her own sister’s wedding), birthday parties, football games, graduations and holiday events to just name a few. My family has ordered cookies for our JMU (that would be James Madison University for those that don’t know) tailgates, my brother’s high school, and my mom even ordered adorable Christmas cookies for her choir kids this past December.  

Each of Kate’s cookies are custom orders so the design choices are unlimited! Here are a few of my favorite cookies she has designed: 

What preppy girl could resist those adorable bowties!
I just about died when I saw the damask print.
These cookies are the perfect way to celebrate a bridal shower.
My mom's 3 & 4 year old choir kids loved these at Christmas.
I just had to include these...I am a huge Harry Potter fan!
We got these for a football game and I almost didn't want to eat them because they were too cute! (Please note I said almost...they were delicious!)

You can view more of Kate’s cookies on her blog site,  Facebook or on Twitter and place can place an order by contacting her at mrs.kateski06@gmail.com. Which one of Kate’s cookies is your favorite?


If you have a blog or business that is events related that you would like me to spotlight email me at thepreppyplanner@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you! 


06/01/2012 11:19am

I had my wisdom teeth out about 2 hours ago and am barely awake, but just wanted to express my thanks for this. It is a beautifully written article and I am beyond humbled. I'm almost in tears, though that could be a result of the pain meds! But I am deeply appreciative and very grateful for your super sweet words. Thanks again!

Megan Ridgway
06/01/2012 11:50am

You are so very welcome Kate! Enjoy the rest of your day relaxing and sleeping:) and maybe your husband can go pick up some Greek food from the festival for you to eat later.


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