Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating with their dad! I had a busy weekend filled with baseball fun. However, let me just say that I probably will not be going to a baseball game again anytime soon. On Thursday I went with my friend to a Richmond Squirrels baseball game that went for 13 innings and then on Saturday we took my dad to the Nationals game which went 14 innings! They were both fun games, but they just took a little longer than expected. 

Did you know that between the top and bottom of the 14th inning that they do another 7th inning stretch? Learned that on Saturday!

Here are some pictures from my weekend for you to enjoy:
At the Squirrels game on Thursday evening.
My sister, brother and I with our dad on the way into the game.
There is always some fun and games when my family ventures out together!
The whole family enjoying the game.
We stopped at Crumbs after the game for a Father's Day treat. We couldn't resist getting one of these cupcakes for Father's Day!
Here is the Father's Day gift that I got for my dad. My dad loves bulldogs and this one will listen quite well!

As you can see we had lots of fun celebrating Father's Day this past weekend. What did you do with your dad this past weekend?


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