When browsing through all the new fall party ideas out there I came across an amazing DIY craft idea that will turn all those fall leaves into a gorgeous floral centerpiece. So next time you are outside start gathering those red, yellow and orange leaves so that you can make your own fall centerpiece to enjoy during any occasion. 

To make this leaf floral bouquet you will need:
     - leaves
     - floral tape
     - scissors
     - twigs
     - vase to display your finished arrangement
Now to create your flowers follow this step-by-step tutorial below. Before you start here is a helpful tip: I found that the fresher the leaves were (aka not crunchy) the easier they were to work with. To start your flower take the leaf and fold the middle section down. Then take the right side, fold it down and then from the side roll it towards the center vein. Repeat with the left side. Take your second leaf and fold down the middle as before. Place the first leaf in the center then take the right and left sides, fold them down and roll like the first leaf. Repeat until you get the size flower that you want. After you finished creating your flower, take a small piece of floral tape and secure the steps of the leaves together. Finally select your twig and attach your flower to its stem. And voila! You have your first flower of your autumn bouquet!
This DIY craft will save you a bundle compared to the price of flowers and with all the scented oils out there you can make your leave arrangement have a wonderful autumn smell. Just add a few drops of your favorite fall scent to the arrangement and the bouquet will smell amazing! What is your favorite fall aroma?



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