Every now and then I come across a great new event planning tool that I just have to share with you all. Recently this one found me: SquadUP. After browsing through the website and talking with one of the co-founders (hey Austen!) I can't believe that I haven't run across this site before. The idea behind this site is pretty simple (and amazing!)...
Everything about SquadUP is so easy to use. When you go to their site you simply click "create an event," enter your event information, customize your event page and you are ready to go! Whether you are hosting a charity fundraiser, bachelor/bachelorette weekend getaway, a Superbowl Party or a friend's birthday extravaganza, SquadUP is the perfect tool for the event host or hostess. You have to check it out!

Here are some great reasons why you should start using SquadUP today:

1. Connect with the TOP Social Networks
As a host, you are in charge of sending invitations, tracking RSVPs, disseminating event-specific details, and updating your friends when those details change. SquadUP solves each of these challenges by allowing you to reach friends, and friends of friends, via Facebook, email, and twitter, with beautifully designed custom invitations.

2. Easy Access Anytime
You create a custom webpage for your event where you're able to message guests and track RSVPs, all in real-time. If your time, location, description, or any event-specific details change, SquadUP’s allows you to notify your guests and help them plan accordingly.

3. Easy Payment Methods
Collecting money from guests one by one can be a nightmare. SquadUP streamlines the process of collecting the money for your event and provides you with the ability to track funding every step of the way. You determine the amount you want to collect, how you'd like to receive your funds, and by what date. You can set multiple ticket prices, collect donations, and give out promo codes.

4. It's too easy NOT to use! 
You don't just have to take my word for it...
So be sure to head on over to SquadUP to plan your next event today! You can also connect with them through any of their social media networks below...
Do you have an event planning tool that you love to use? Let me know in the comments section below! Thanks SquadUP!


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