If you haven’t been watching TV, listening to the radio, reading the newspaper, or going out into society you may have missed that today is Election Day. Want to have a little fun waiting to find out who is going to be the next president? Invite your friends over tonight for a fun Election Day party. Here are some great ideas that you can easily pull together.

An easy start to creating the perfect Election Day party is to stock up on some festive red and blue table ware. Party City has enough items to choose from for a dueling Election Day party.

Kick your party off with some yummy red, white and blue treats. These Election Day cupcakes are delicious no matter the party affiliation.
Serve Election Day shooters. You can even turn it into a game as the results come in tonight. (rules are yours to create) Find out how to make these shooters from She Knows Food and Recipes blog.
Create a game for your guests by handing out state maps and red and blue markers when they arrive. Ask each guest to fill out their predictions and then have a big state map to fill in as results come in. See who can get the most correct states.
No matter what you decide to do today I hope that you go out and vote. Happy Election Day!!


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