While January may bring cold weather with the possibility of snow you don’t have to wait around to enjoy these fun snowmen snacks. Here are 3 fun snowmen treats that you can enjoy any time of the year!

Melted Snowmen Cookies
My friend Emily made these last year. They were so adorable to look at that I didn’t want to eat one (we did anyway!). To make these melted snowmen cookies you will need sugar cookies, marshmallows and icing. Take a cookie and pour the icing onto the cookie to create the “melted snowman” look. Next, while the icing is still warm, stick half of a large marshmallow onto the cookie to create the head. To finish pipe on a face, buttons, arms and other decorations with different colors of icing.

Donut Snowmen
This snowman treat could not be any easier to make. All you need are powdered donuts, candy corn for the nose, and black icing or melted chocolate to create the eyes and mouth. Breakfast is served!

Oreo Snowmen Pops
This is the perfect snowman treat that you can put in baggies to give to friends or use to make a cute dessert display. To make these you will need candy sticks, oreos (double stuff works best), white chocolate, and decorating icing. First insert the candy stick into each oreo. Next melt the white chocolate. Once melted dip each oreo into the chocolate and lay on a piece of wax paper to dry. Once dry you are ready to decorate your snowmen.

And don’t forget about those snowmen pancakes from the Snow Day post! There are just too many great ideas on creating your own edible snowman treat. Which snowman themed treat is your favorite?  


Have an idea you would like me to do a post about? Let me know! Share what event topic or party idea you would like to see me blog about in the comments section below. You never know what might show up in 2013!!

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01/04/2013 1:43pm

They look really good!


01/07/2013 10:19am

Thanks so much Tanja! Hope you were able to try out making your own delicious snowmen this past weekend:)


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