When it comes to crafting for events I like to be as creative as I can with my materials. If I can make something using “free” materials I am the happiest crafter on Earth. So, when I saw this East Egg Paint Chip Banner I could not wait to make it! This past Christmas I made gift tags with paint chips (thank you Pinterest!) 
Aren’t they cute? After making those gift tags and seeing how great they turned out I could not wait to tackle another paint chip craft and this Easter Egg Paint Chip Banner seemed like the perfect craft. To make this banner it is pretty simple. You will need paint chips in a variety of colors, scissors, a pencil, a small hole punch and thread.   
I have found that different stores have different paint chips, but I love the Behr ones from Home Depot the best. All those colors it is just so hard to decide which colors to choose! I always tell the paint people that I am starting a project and just can’t decide what colors to use if they ask if I need any help. I always find that it helps to create a stencil for these types of projects (a separate piece of cardstock works perfectly) to that you can approximately the same shape for all your eggs. Trace the egg onto the back side of the paint chips, cut them out, punch the holes and then string your eggs onto your string. (see pictures below for step-by-step instructions)
You now have the perfect Easter decoration! Now all you have to do is decide where to hang it. I’ll be down at the beach for Easter with my family but I will make sure to find somewhere to hand up my decoration.

Do you have a favorite event craft that you have made for under $5?


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