When it comes to most party themes, I always like to say the more the merrier. And in the case of this party theme, inspired by the one and only Dr. Seuss, there is no limit to the fun! Dr. Seuss is full of color, creativity and the impossible when it comes to his books so a Dr. Seuss themed party should be nothing less. In celebration of his birthday this Saturday you can create your own zany party inspired by the man that helped you learn to read.

This party can draw inspiration from one book or many. No matter which book or books you decide to base your theme off of you are safe with just using the main 3 primary colors of red, yellow, and blue. Use bold prints, like stripes and polka dots, throughout your décor designs and you will be ready to transport your guests to the magical world of Dr. Seuss.
Favors & Crafts
What would a Dr.Seuss party be without any creative party experiences? You can set up a photo booth with Dr. Seuss books and bright colored props, have your guests make their own trufulla tree pens and pencils, or even have them frame a decorated page with their favorite Dr. Seuss quote on it.
Just like with the décor the sky is the limit on your creative party food. If you are just drawing inspiration from one book all your food can be themed accordingly. If not, get creative and have each book represented by one of your dishes. You can find some great Dr. Seuss themed party foods from my post earlier this week.

Dr. Seuss is a man who has inspired and impacted so many lives over the years. His writing is one that will live on through the generations and I still love his books today. So even if you don’t have all day to throw a party to celebrate, take 5 minutes out of your day and reread one of your Dr. Seuss favorites.

What other Dr.Seuss party ideas can you think of?


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Carolyn Ridgway Cook
03/01/2013 2:32pm

Eat Green Eggs and Ham??


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