Need a reason to enjoy some delicious ice cream today? I can't think of any better reason than it is National Ice Cream Day! For me there is nothing better than enjoying ice cream on a hot summer day. It might not be the easiest dessert to enjoy as you race against the heat and how quick the ice cream melts, but I am never one to turn down this sweet treat. You can set up an ice cream sundae bar, make a batch of ice cream cupcakes, or just grab a spoon and eat it out of the carton (don't worry I won't tell!). Right now I am loving the idea of making your own ice cream sandwiches. This is so easy to do and the combinations are endless. Here are a few great DIY ice cream sandwich ideas that I am sure will inspire you in celebration of today.

I love this pink chocolate sandwich cookies from Not So Humble Pie. She has a great wafer cookie recipe that will have your ice cream sandwiches disappearing before they have time to melt. 
This Italian Classic Ice Cream Sandwich recipe by Italian Chips will have you salivating to try these sandwiches before you are finished making them. Her homemade biscuit recipe is made in true Italian fashion!
And if all else fails buy a box of graham crackers and a carton of ice cream and you are ready to roll! What is your favorite type of ice cream treat? Happy National Ice Cream Day!!!


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