The holidays are getting closer! With the holidays always making everyone’s schedule a little more busy hosting a holiday party is the perfect way to gather everyone together to catch up. A perfect holiday get together for you and your friends is a cookie swap party. You can bake a batch of your favorite sweets and then share them with all the guests while catching up during the holidays.

Besides the holiday decorations and some festive holiday cocktails you will need:
     - cookie boxes or tins
     - parchment paper and cupcake liners
     - a playlist of your favorite holiday tunes
     - some non-sweets to nibble on
     - holiday cocktails
     - each guest to bring a batch of their favorite cookies 

You can never have too many people attend a cookie swap. More guests just means more cookies! To make sure you have no cookie duplicates have the guest’s RSVP include their cookie choice. Remind each guest to bring their cookies in a container or holiday platter to be displayed and also the number of guest you are expecting so that there can be at least one cookie for guest to take home.

As it is the holidays, you can also add an additional cookie for everyone to take home by providing a gingerbread men decorating table. This will give your guests something to do while mingling and also a sweet treat to nibble on. Here is a great gingerbread cookie recipe from RealSimple that you can make!

Once all your guests have arrived you can swap away! Distribute your boxes to each guest so that they can start filling them up with delicious treats. Have cupcake liners and parchment paper out to help with the cookie packaging.

You now have a delicious box of cookies to enjoy during the holidays! What is your favorite type of cookie to make for a cookie swap? Happy Holidays!


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