If I had to pick any cake in the world as the only cake I would ever be able to eat ever again it would be confetti cake (also known as funfetti cake). I don’t know how it tastes better than normal cake, but I can guarantee you it does. I guess it is the magic of the sprinkles. Either way, as soon as I was inspired by all the confetti party decorating ideas I knew for a fact that my Friday Food post was going to be my favorite “confetti” cake. So without further ado here is how you can savor in this delicious sweet treat.

You will need:
Your Favorite Cake Recipe (or box mix)
Cake Pan

Step1: Mix together the ingredients from your favorite cake recipe in a bowl until smooth.

Step 2:  Pour in the sprinkles and mix until they’re evenly distributed. At this stage you can decide how many sprinkles to include depending on what result suits you best.

Step 3: Bake your cake mix on the same heat you usually would, however, it may need a little longer in the oven as the sprinkles can change the consistency and even add moisture.

Step 4: Once your cake is ready you should be able to see the bursts of color from the sprinkles which will have exploded with the heat. If this has happened your cake is ready to cool.

Step 5: Once cooled you can decorate to your heart’s content! Maybe even add some more sprinkles or “confetti” to the outside of the cake too. Enjoy!

What is your favorite type of cake?


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