Happy Wednesday to you all! Today I thought I would switch things up a little and instead of my normal Wedding Wednesday post I would share about what I am doing with my office today. Growing up I have always loved participating in events that help the community. Whether it be through a food bank fundraiser, raising money through taking part in sporting events, or building a home I find that the community events are some of the most fun to take part in. 

Today, I am participating in the United Way Lawrence E. Richardson Day of Caring in Charlottesville. The organizations that need help in the area are giving the opportunity to submit their need to the local United Way. After all those organizations have submitted their needs local organizations can signup and select which project they would like to help with. This is a great way to bring so many local businesses and groups together on this one day. 
We couldn't participate on the actual date, so we are all venturing out to complete our project today. My office is going out to help out at a local middle school. We will be clearing a hiking path behind the school so that all the kids can go out, safely, and get some exercise while learning about nature. 

Want to find an event like this in your area? You can contact your local Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way, Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity or other local organization asking for when they have events or projects that you and your friends could sign up for. One of my friends, and sorority sister, has decided her way to helping the community and giving back is by running the New York Marathon this November. She is running to raise money for the American Caner Society, and to top it off this is her first time running a marathon! (yea Taylor!!!) If you would like to help her accomplish her fundraising goal of $3,600 please go to her personal fundraising page to learn more and give

No matter if you are helping to build a house for a family in need, clearing a trail for kids or running a raise to raise money for cancer research, don't forget to have some fun!! What kind of events have you taken part in to help others where you live? 



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