You have decked the halls and rang in the new year with yule tide cheer, but just because the decorations have been put away doesn't mean it's time to stop celebrating. January may bring snow and cold (or below freezing!!) temperatures but that is all the better reason to gather some friends for some fun celebrations. This month has some pretty fun and ironic reasons to party, but if you think about it do you ever really NEED a reason to party when you are with your friends? 

1. January 8th: Show and Tell Day at Work. What could be better than reliving your favorite show and tell moments from elementary school as an adult? 
2. January 11th: National Hot Toddy Day. With all this snow and cold weather this is the perfect reason to celebrate and stay warm.

3. January 14th: National Dress Up Your Pet Day. While your pet may not love this holiday it sure is fun to find them cute outfits to wear! 
4. January 15th: Hat Day. Now this is a fun party theme! What is the silliest hat that you own?

5. January 16th: National Nothing Day. A day when you can officially celebrate not having to celebrate anything. Now this might get a little confusing… 

6. January 19th: National Popcorn Day. It’s the perfect time to host your own popcorn party

7. January 24th: National Peanut Butter Day. Without this yummy treat we would not have PB&J’s, peanut butter cookies or my favorite candy Reece’s. Now that is a very good reason to celebrate! I’m thinking a PB&J party would be perfect! 

8. January 25th: Opposite Day. January is just filled with confusing holidays. So to celebrate are you not supposed to celebrate? 
9. January 26th: National Pistachio Day. How do you eat your pistachios?

10. January 29th: National Puzzle Day. See if you can solve who did it by hosting a murder mystery party in celebration of National Puzzle Day.

What will be your reason to party this month? Hope you all are able to stay warm!


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