Being asked to be in a friend's wedding is a wonderful honor, however it also comes with a lot of responsibility and a time commitment. As the bride, a nice way to say "thank you" to your bridesmaids is by putting together a small gift that they will be able to hold onto and cherish. This past weekend's wedding Emily, a family friend and I made gifts for each of the bridesmaids to use for the wedding. The gift doesn't have to be anything expensive or store bought. Each of these are easy DIY projects that any bride-to-be could put together.

1. Ribbon Flip Flops
ribbon flip flops
This is an easy craft that you can make for your girls. These flip flops can be bought at any craft or dollar store for under $5 apiece. These were done with ribbon in the wedding colors of navy and pool blue. Each strip of ribbon was tied in a knot onto the strap. You can add as many colors or types of ribbon until the straps are filled. Each of these pairs were tied together with a silver bow so the sets would stay together nicely.

2. Dress Hangers
Dress Hangers
This DIY craft I made for the girls. The white hanger is the one I made for Emily (the bride) and it says "Mrs.Kline" while the others all say the Bridesmaid's first name. 

I bought the hangers as a set of 5 from Bed Bath & Beyond (don't forget your coupon!). For the names I used 14 guage wire that I picked up at the craft store. 

The wire is easily to bend. I found it useful to write out the size you wanted to make the letters and to use that as a guide. If you mess up the wire is cheap enough that you can just start again. I decided to paid the hangers so that the writing would show up better. Just remember if you paint the hangers with acrylic paint to also spray them with a sealant so that paint does not rub off onto the dresses. As a final touch I tied ribbon onto the hangers in the wedding colors.

3. Fabric Cluth
The third DIY craft is one that the bride made for all of the bridesmaids as our thank you gift. This is a Martha Stewart Craft that she found on the website. The outside of each girl's purse was the wedding navy color while the interior fabric was custom selected. (If you haven't guessed my favorite color is pink, and doesn't the purse go well with my blog theme?) The bride filled our clutches with various items that we might need the day of the wedding and also made these drop earrings for us to wear on the wedding day. 

You can find instructions on what you need to make this clutch on Martha Stewart. You can find a video tutorial that you can follow on how to make them.

As you can see below everything turned out great together! We danced the night away in our flip flops and have great keepsake items that we can use and remember the wedding by.
What have you given or received as thank you gift for being in a wedding?




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