A few days ago one of my best friends and her boy friend got engaged. While my first thought was "finally" I am really happy for the two and can't wait to celebrate with both of them! So in celebration of my friend's engagement I started putting together some of my favorite proposal stories and ideas. I really am a sucker when I hear that the groom put a lot of effort into the proposal. So girl's make sure to share this post with your man if you want them to get a little creative with their proposal plan!

For the guy who has great computer and video skills you can try something creative like this movie proposal.
And for those who aren't as technologically inclined you can try one of these! Here are two great ideas for the couple who shares a love of food.
Have your (potentially new) pet carry the ring in on their collar.
Of course there are the adorable seasonal proposals as well.
And my favorite is the photobooth proposal. You are guaranteed to capture the best reaction shots ever!
What is your dream proposal idea? And don't forget to remind your guy to have a friend capture the proposal on camera! Those will be some of the best shots that the two of you can treasure forever.


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Sunday officially was the start of fall. So what better way to welcome in the fall season than by going apple picking! The day before I went I even started browsing through Pinterest for some more great apple recipes to try! Here are some great pictures that I took from my apple picking adventure!

The view from Carter Mountain Orchard was beyond beautiful!
First order of duty was to fuel up with a delicious apple cider donut from their bakery. YUM!
And then we were off! My dad thought it was a bright idea to climb up into the trees to get some apples. You can see him hiding up in the trees. 
Here I am with my tote filed with apples. I always forget how heavy they get!
I have already made my first batch of apple muffins! I even picked up an apple that kind of looks like a heart. 
What did you do to celebrate the first day of fall? Do you have a great apple recipe that I should try? 


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The first day of fall is this Sunday, September 22nd. Recently I have been sharing some of my coping methods, I mean favorite things I look forward to in fall with you recently as the summer has been winding down. Well now that the last day of summer is officially this Saturday there is no better time than the present on throwing an end of summer party! Here is a great way that you can celebrate by hosting an end of summer white party. 
This one is pretty simple: use white! White linens, tables, tents, chairs, balloons, carpets, floral arrangements and more. It doesn't matter if the party is inside or out just cover everything is a dazzling layer of white. For extra lighting use white twinkle lights, lanterns and votives to illuminate your all white party. (Silver is also acceptable if you are looking to add a little sparkle to your decor.)
Make sure on your invitation to let all your guests know to wear their end of summer whites to the party. This will also help with your decoration as the guests will add to the sea of white you are trying to create. 
Food and Drinks
Some people may get a little worried when it comes to the foods as the first associate with white food is bland. This is not a problem with some of these white party food ideas:
  • Appetizers, Sides & Main Dishes: A White Cheese Platter, Yogurt Parfaits, Seafood Chowder, Spring Rolls, Chicken Salad, Popcorn, Crab Dip, Finger Sandwiches
  • Desserts: A White and Silver Candy Buffet, White Iced Cupcake Display, White Chocolate Dipped Desserts
  • Drinks: White Wine, Champagne, Vodka & Seltzer (anything clear and bubbly!) 

What if your favorite way to celebrate the end of summer? Have fun enjoying the last of summer this weekend!!


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There are a few event planning faux pas that will have me running if I see them happen at an event and color disasters are one of them! A few days ago a ran across this great article by the color gurus over at The Perfect Palette and couldn't agree more with what they had to share about some of the most common wedding color mistakes. So of course I just had to share them with you. They are so great that they even put together solutions so you can avoid making these common mistakes! Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone!

When deciding on your color palette, I urge you to seriously consider the reception space! For instance, if you’ve chosen a reception area with burgundy and gold carpets, a color scheme of lime green and fuchsia will surely clash, and there’s really no way around it. That’s not to say you have to choose colors that perfectly match the surroundings. 

THE SOLUTION: I suggest using the venue’s decor as more of a guide when selecting your palette. Or simply choose a space that lacks a lot of color so that you won't have to worry about a potential clash!

Okay, so one thing that you must realize is that color in a lot of respects in sort of subjective. Your idea of vibrant coral blooms might not be exactly what your florist shows up with on the day of your wedding. Are you going to be okay if your coral colored blooms turn out to be baby pink? Some couples wouldn't let this bother them. And I say, all power to ya! But simply put, some brides would really have a problem if their dream blooms ended up totally clashing with the overall look.

THE SOLUTION: Request that your florist put together some test bouquets. That way you know that you're on the same page when it comes to color. And there won't be any surprises on the day of!

I would have to agree that selecting your wedding colors has to be one of the most exciting parts of the planning process. Your colors set the tone for the entire feel of your day! But what happens when you prolong deciding on your colors? If you don't decide on a timely manner, be prepared to find yourself scurrying around in a desperate attempt to find items that will match or coordinate. Especially if you've chosen a more unique scheme.

THE SOLUTION: Give yourself a deadline! At some point in the dreaming period (as I like to call it) you must start putting those dreams into action. And without a color palette, not much can get accomplished!

I've seen this one all too often. Okay, so here's what happens. You've decided that you want a pale pink wedding. So you go out select a pale pink bridesmaid dress for all your friends to wear. And then without even thinking, you turn around and order the same color bouquets. If you don't take into consideration contrast and variation, you can sadly expect to create a look that lacks interest and pizzazz.

THE SOLUTION: Think about contrast when you're selecting your attire, invitations and table linens. Think about the big picture and note that each of these layers should not all be the same. exact. color. Add contrast by selecting varying shades!

Okay, so this mistake is a common one and sadly it happens a lot! The truth is that not every color is a great pick when it comes to dressing your bridal party. Some colors wash people out, others simply aren't flattering.

THE SOLUTION: When selecting a bridesmaid dress I urge you to consider the varying skin tones and body shapes. For instance, not everyone is going to be able to rock that cocktail length dress in chartreuse. So take your girls to the bridal shop and narrow down a color that compliments the majority of your attendants. I swear your friends will thank you!

For more great color ideas for weddings, parties and life head on over to The Perfect Palette!
Do you have any helpful color tips for someone planning an event?


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Personally I wish summer could last all year long, but since it does not I embrace the fall season by looking forward to football games and enjoying some delicious fall foods. For me fall means that all the great pumpkin and apple flavored dishes (and the Starbucks pumpkin spiced lattes) are back again. So for today’s post I have put together a list of my ten favorite fall foods. The great part about all these delicious fall foods is that they are perfect for just about any event. From tailgating to bonfires you will be set for every fall event!
1. Acorn Squash. I love enjoying mine with a little bit of butter and brown sugar.
2. Chili Cheese Dip. This might be one of the first recipes I ever committed to memory on how to make and is the perfect appetizer for every fall event.
3. Pumpkin Bread. I love the pumpkin bread mix from Trader Joe’s and can’t wait to make my first loaf this season.
4. Sweet Potato Fries. Cover the fries with brown sugar and just thinking about them makes my mouth water! Here is a great recipe from blogger Orange Marigold to try!
5. Chicken Taco Chili. I am not a huge chili fan but I love enjoying this recipe in the fall.
6. Apple Pie Bites. When looking to make an easy pick-up-and-eat dessert this recipe, from Immaculate Baking, is perfect for the fall and will make your whole house smell amazing!
7. Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese. Set up a create-your-own grilled cheese bar for all your guests to try different cheeses and toppings in their sandwich.
8. Apple Bread. After last year’s apple picking I found this amazing recipe for apple bread and will be sure to make it again this year.
9. Apple Cider Donuts. When I go apple picking I always indulge myself with a warm apple cider donut.
10. Pumpkin Pie. You better believe when pumpkin pie is a dessert option that it is what I will be having and the recipe even comes on the side of the Libby's can

After making this list I am really ready for fall now! What is your favorite dish that you like to enjoy during the fall? 


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This past weekend I helped with a private function that featured a sweet tooth sampler. It was filled with chocolate covered treats, bowls filled with M&M's and enough sugary gummies to send any dentist running for the hills. Candy buffets are favorites to have at weddings, birthdays and just about any themed party. They are great to have as they provide a variety of treats that will surely satisfy every and you can coordinate your candy selections to fit any party theme. I think the candy buffets that are made up of candy all in one or two colors always look amazing. Here are some great tips on how to create your own amazing candy buffet.
1. Determine Your Budget. I strongly suggest setting a budget for your candy buffet prior to your shopping trip. Once you start selecting which kinds of candy you want at the store you will be surprised at how quickly it adds up. Specialty candies will be priced by the pound and can add up quickly.

2. Pick Your Theme. You can find candy in every shape, color and flavor these days. Choosing a theme before your shop will help you narrow down which candies to choose from. This candy buffet I helped create was filled with the host's favorite sweets.

3. Make Your Candy List. Just as I have said before it can get quite overwhelming when you start selecting candies for a candy buffet. Based off of your budget and how many guests you have attending create a list of the candies you want to make sure you have as well as a few alternate options. A great thing to consider with your candy selections are to include chocolates, hard candies, gummies, mints and gum. 

4. Select a Variety of Display Containers. The best candy displays are created by using a variety of different sized jars and display containers. We used trays, vases, apothecary jars and bowls to put the candy in as well as tables of varying heights and crates covered in cloths to create this candy display. 

5. Purchase Candy Scoops. Please make sure to have a variety of scoops, spoons, tongs, etc. available for your guests to use. Not all candies come wrapped up and you don't want your guests sticking their hands into the unwrapped candy.

6. Have Candy Bags/Boxes Available. If your event has kids attending a great way to help manage your candy supply it to provide favor bags or boxes for your guests to fill up. This will limit how much candy they can select and will help ensure that all your guests will be able to grab a few of their favorites. 

I hope these tips help you in creating your own candy buffet! Here are some more great pictures from the one I helped create. 
What type of candy would you have on your candy buffet? Happy Monday!!


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Happy Friday the 13th and its also National fortune cookie day! What better way to make sure you have plenty of luck on Friday the 13th than by making your very own fortune cookies. You can make up some fun fortunes for you and your friends to unwrap and enjoy. I found this great fortune cookie recipe from blogger Donal Skehan and surprisingly making these cookies are not that hard. Enjoy!

Ingredients for 20 cookies
  • 4 large egg whites
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
  • 6 tablespoons of sunflower oil
  • 175g of all purpose white flour
  • 375g of granulated sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of cornflour
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 6 teaspoons of water

  1. Preheat the oven to 300˚F and grease a wide baking sheet.
  2. Write and cut out your own customized fortunes on little strips of paper about 10cm by 1cm and set aside.
  3. Using a whisk, beat the egg whites in a large bowl with the oil, and vanilla extract. Beat them until they become thick, but not stiff. Sieve in the flour and cornflour. Add the sugar, salt and water and mix through the egg whites. Combine thoroughly until you have no lumps and bumps!
  4. Place 4 level tablespoon of the mix evenly spaced on the baking sheet. (It is recommended to just make 4 discs per batch.) Distribute the mix evenly by tilting the tray until you get a nice wide disc around 10cm in diameter.
  5. Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes, or until the cookies go a light golden brown color around the edges. 
  6. Working quickly (and preferably with gloves on as the cookies will be very hot)- remove one disc from the baking sheet, place the fortune in the center and gently fold in half. Bend the two ends of the disc over the rim of a glass and hold in position for 20 seconds until it cools.
  7. Repeat the process until you get through all the cookie mix.

What will your fortune be? Have a wonderful weekend!


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Weddings are some of my favorite events to plan and work, but I will be totally honest - the bill can get a little high. Most brides have their wedding planned out to a "T" when they get engaged, but unfortunately they don't know what a majority of their dream wedding costs. Some parents will create a wedding fund for their kids, just like they do for college, to help pay for their child's wedding day. Others may have an unlimited budget, but that is not always the case. To help with budgeting and managing the wedding fiances I have put together, with the help from The Knot, a list of who traditionally pays for what. **Please take into mind that anyone can pay for anything, but this is just how it is done traditionally. 
The Bride
  • Groom's Wedding Ring
  • Groom's Wedding Gift
  • Gifts for Bridesmaids
  • Personal Stationery
The Groom
  • Bride's Engagement & Wedding Rings
  • Bride's Wedding Gift
  • Gifts for Groomsmen
  • Marriage Licence
  • Clergy or Judge Fee
  • Bride's Bouquet
  • Boutineers
The Bride's Family
  • Wedding Invitations, Announcements & Programs
  • Wedding Planner
  • Wedding Gift for the Couple
  • Bridal Gown, Veil & Accessories
  • Bridesmaids Luncheon
  • Rental of Wedding Ceremony & Reception Venue
  • Music for Ceremony & Reception
  • Flowers for Ceremony & Reception
  • Wedding Catering & Cake
  • Bridesmaid Bouquets
  • Transportation for Bridal Party on Wedding Day
  • Service Gratuities
  • Photographer & Videographer
  • Engagement Photos
  • Engagement Party
The Groom's Family
  • Groom's Attire
  • Wedding Gift for the Couple
  • Rental of Rehearsal Dinner Venue
  • Catering for Rehearsal
  • Decorations for Rehearsal
  • Service Gratuities for Rehearsal
  • Boutineers for Groomsmen & Ushers
  • Corsages & Boutineers for Family Members
  • Honeymoon Trip
  • Purchase of Wedding Attire
  • Bridal Shower
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Purchase of Wedding Attire
  • Bachelor Party
And for those who are paying for the wedding themselves you can check out some of these great ways to save when it comes to planning your wedding day.

Do you have any great budget tricks that you used when it came to planning your wedding day?


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Well, I think I may finally have to admit that summer has come to an end. I had so much fun going down to the beach, hanging out with friends, celebrating the 4th down at the river and so much more! These past few weeks I have celebrated the end of summer with a fun trip down to the beach with the family (where we also celebrated my dad’s 55th birthday!!), moved into a new apartment (which I am still decorating), tried out a new gym, headed back to the beach for Labor Day Weekend, enjoyed an amazing girl’s night dinner, attended the grand opening celebration of the new Kate Spade store in town and had fun kicking off the 2013 football season! There really has been no time to rest! Even between all the events I made sure to capture some of my favorite moments the past few weeks to share with you. 

This is the main reason that I love going to the beach...to paddleboard! 
After I came back from the beach I tried out a week of CrossFit. It kicked my butt, but I loved the workouts! Somehow I made it through each day's workout. Have you tried CrossFit before?
Labor Day Weekend means the start to football season! Of course we had to coordinate our outfits for the first game (thank you LollyWollyDoodle!!) and get our yearly picture with Duke Dog.
And what would tailgating be without custom cornhole with coordinating cornhole bags. You can get your own set of cornhole bags in your favorite team's colors from Sam's Cornhole Bags and be ready for this weekend's tailgate!
It's game time at Bridgeforth Stadium!! Let's go Dukes!
One last quick trip down to the beach over Labor Day Weekend. The weather was perfect and there were so many amazing shells that we found!
Attended the grand-opening celebration at the Charlottesville Kate Spade store hosted by InStyle. There were so many cute bags to look at!! I think I may have fell in love with my next bag. 
Week two of college football season...every tailgate has to have some fun decorations!
And it's gametime for the Virginia Cavaliers as they played Oregon. 
These past few weeks have been so much fun and I will really miss the summertime weather. However, the event season is starting up this week and I have so much to look forward to this fall! I cannot wait to see what is in store for me next! What have you been up to this last month?


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I will not shy away from admitting my slight obsession with Pinterest. I could spend hours and hours on the site finding great recipes to try, new crafts to tackle, outfits to style and of course party ideas galore! So when I came across this Pinterest Party idea I first thought it was hysterical and then realized I already do this most anytime I plan for a party anyways. This just gets everyone on Pinterest finding great new things to try. (And then you can all share your pins with each other or create one big group board for the event!) Here is how you can host your own Pinterest Party with your friends...

Of course you will want to use cute invitations and party printables that you find on Pinterest for your Pinterest party. There really is no other acceptable option. These cute ones are from etsy shop Making Things Whimsical and are perfect for this Pinterest Party!
Now that you have the invitations done here are the party guidelines:
  • Decide what Pinterest activities you want your guests to complete (meal, craft, nails, etc.).
  • Create a Pinterest board for everyone to RSVP their find to. You don't want any repeats!
  • Have all your guests show up in their favorite Pinterest inspired outfit.
  • Enjoy your Pinterest activities. I like the option of combining as many different Pinterest activities at one time.
  • And because you all have so much fun doing it pick a date for your next Pinterest Party night in a month or two!

How simple is that party! This is how I get all my ideas for our Girl's Dinners and where I find the majority of my event crafting ideas. What is your favorite thing that you have tried from Pinterest?


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