With the 2012 London Olympics starting in just 2 days (yea!) I thought it would be fun to try and see if I could find some wedding ideas that would create an Olympic theme. By far the easiest way to incorporate the Olympic into the wedding day theme is by taking the colors; red, yellow, black, blue and green, and incorporate those into the decor. 
Host an Olympic themed bachelorette or bachelor party #PreppyPlanner

You can be as subtle or as big as you want when it comes to incorporating these colors and Olympic theme. Four years ago when the Olympics were in Beijing there were quite a number of people in China that took advantage of the Olympic theme and venues for their weddings after the games were over. 

A fun way to incorporate the Olympic theme into your wedding is to host an Olympic bachelorette or bachelor party. A fun and creative way is to give each attendee a medal with a specific task written on it. Once the bachelor or bachelorette has completed that task during the celebration they get to wear the medal. By the end of the evening the bachelor or bachelorette should have earned all the medals from the Olympic themed evening. I found these great invitations from A Savannah Red Top.

When it comes to the wedding day the easiest way to incorporate the Olympic theme is through the use of the colors and the rings. I found some great inspiration for creative centerpieces, drinks and favors that can be incorporated into the wedding day decor. 
These flower centerpieces used rented prop torches and flags from different countries to give it the Olympic theme. And you can't go wrong with an Olympic themed signature drink like the one above. You can use the hard candy life savers as the rings and champagne to create this drink. 

And of course you cannot forget about the favors. Incorporating a theme into your favors can allow for the most creativity as there are no limits to what you send your guests home with. Cupcakes with the Olympic rings as the topper can be a sweet treat to send home with your guests. An easy DIY favor is buying gold coins and bagging them with a cute Olympic themed tag making all your guests gold medalist.
You can be as creative as you want when it comes to incorporating a theme into an event. With the Olympics being hosted in London this year you could even give your Olympic theme a London feel using a variety of British decor like the flag, the double decker bus, or even the London guards. As long as you love the theme the sky is the limit on creativity. 

What theme did/are you incorporating into your wedding day? Share your theme ideas below! Don't forget you can find more great wedding day themes and ideas on my Pinterest page @PreppyPlanner.



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