While October is right around the corner, right now in Munich, Germany there is a huge celebration going on called Oktoberfest. Since 1810 this 16 day festival has brought people from around the world to Germany to enjoy the celebrations of the Bavarian culture. Festival goers can enjoy watching parades, cheers to the first tapped keg, enjoy music from traditional Bavarian bands, go on rides and of course enjoy a wide variety of traditional foods and Oktoberfest beer! With the festival going on right now I have pulled together 10 of the most popular Oktoberfest recipes so you can celebrate too! So grab your beer stein and get ready to enjoy some classic Oktoberfest dishes...
1. Veal Sausages (Wurstl)
2. Roast Pork (Schweinebraten)
3. Roast Chicken (Hendl)
4. Grilled Fish on a Stick (Steckerlfisch)
5. Red Cabbage aka Sauerkraut (Rotkohl)
6. Potato or Flour Dumplings (Knodel)
7. Cheese Noodles (Kasespatzle)
8. Potato Pancakes (Reiberdatschi) 
9. Pretzels (Brezen)
10. Oktoberfest Beers made by the Club of Munich Brewers. Yum!

With over 6 million people flocking to Oktoberfest every year, many other cities around the world now host their own variation of these Oktoberfest celebrations. Have you ever been to or hosted your own Oktoberfest celebration? What was your favorite part?


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For most people, getting married means a new monogram. For the monogrammed obsessed (I am not raising my hand at all lol) this could mean a whole newline of items just waiting to be personalized. The most historical and traditional monograms are the single last name initial. However, in this day and age the three letter monogram is the most popular and can come in a wide variety of designs. 

When it comes to the proper monogram etiquette here are a few guidelines to help you create the perfect monogram:

Her Monogram
A traditional, three letter, script woman's monogram appears in the format of first initial, last initial, middle initial with the centered last initial larger than the ones on each side. In today's modern age you have so many more options when it comes to your font and style choice so you will also see this similar format for a women's monogram in a wide variety of choices including a circle monogram, diamond monogram, with block lettering or even curlz. Here are some popular choices when it comes to monogramming for a woman...
His Monogram
A guy's monogram is a little easier. The most popular monogram option for a guy is a traditional block monogram with the initials in the first, middle, last order. While a male's monogram is not as decorative as a woman's monogram you can still play around with different "manly" fonts in the traditional or block families. (I always consider it a victory if you can get a guy to go for a monogram, so I don't push the boundaries much more than that! lol) Here is an example of a traditional guy's monogram (and a great item to put it on!)...
His & Her Monogram
When it comes to creating a monogram for a newly married couple, or any couple for that matter, the monogram will be made up of the woman's first initial, the male's first initial and the couple's last name initial. However the order to which initial goes first can cause some debate. Typically you will find the woman's initial first, but tradition actually states that the male's initial on the left and the woman's initial on the right. Either way, you end up with an adorable new monogram to adorn to your gift for the happily married new couple!
I will never pass up an opportunity to add a monogram to an item and love all the fonts and style choices that you can play around with. What is your favorite monogram style to use?


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While summer hasn't officially ended, in my book it has come to a close since it is now FOOTBALL SEASON! Yes, I skip fall and focus entirely on football, tailgating and gameday fun. But before I get ahead of myself I thought it would be nice to catch you up on what I have been up to this past summer with a fun photo diary recap. 

After the first rained out Richmond Squirrels game, I headed back to RVA and my dad got to throw out the first pitch with Nutzy...
I headed out on the town to celebrate Charlottesville Restaurant Week at Threepenny Cafe and boy was it delicious!
I did a little wedding crafting for a few future brides...
It wouldn't be summer without catching a concert under the stars at Innsbrook After Hours with one of my favs...
Finally was able to go wine tasting at what my be my new favorite winery. Trump, you are not fired...
I got to enjoy a day of beach volleyball (watching, not playing) at Virginia Beach...
Celebrated the 5 Year Anniversary of my gym and one of our amazing trainers was nice enough to make this amazing chocolate cake...
And of course I headed back to the beach to catch some surfing & volleyball at ECSC...
And officially kicked off the tailgating, I mean football season with the UVA vs.UR game with my cousin and his gf.
And I promised that I would have a fun announcement for you all today...I'm joining the Lilly Pulitzer team at The Pink Palm in Charlottesville in a week!
What have you been up to this summer?


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So I won't deny it, I have been all over the map these past few weeks BUT...I have some very exciting news to share next week because of it. Sometimes it is just so hard to keep a secret! 

While I am holding off until Monday for the big reveal I thought I would share with you a fun end of summer (tear...) recipe that will be sure to satisfy your taste buds this weekend. Ever since I first tried these at my friends house a few summers ago this has become my favorite go-to recipe. Southern Living can do no wrong! Enjoy!
Frozen Mango Margaritas
(Makes about 10 cups)
  • 1 - 20oz jar refrigerated sliced mangoes
  • 1 - 6oz can frozen limeade concentrate, thawed
  • 1 cup tequila
  • 1/2 cup orange liqueur
  • colored decorator sugar (optional)

  1. For an extra bit of sparkle to your glass spoon 3 Tbsp. juice from mangoes into a shallow dish, dip rims of glasses into the juice and then dip them into the sugar crystals to coat.
  2. Take the rest of the juice and the mangoes and pour them into your blender with the limeade concentrate, tequila and orange liqueur. Blend all the ingredients until smooth making sure to stop and scrape down the sides periodically. 
  3. Once fully blended pour half of the mixture into a separate glass and put to the side.  
  4. Add ice to the remaining mango mixture in the blender and blend until slushy. Again, you might need to stop and scrape down the sides to get it fully blended. 
  5. Pour your mango margs into your dazzling glasses and then repeat the ice adding process with the remaining mango mixture so you have your second batch ready to go! (And believe me you will want that second batch ready to go ASAP!) 
**Additional fruit or garnishes optional but thoroughly enjoyed if provided!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and be on the look out as I might share a hint or two this weekend about my fun announcement on Monday! :)


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Many of you are probably familiar with the wedding tradition of "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue." Some brides are pretty persistent in following this tradition, since it is supposed to bring you good luck when you have all four on your wedding day, and will not take one step down that aisle until they have all four things on that list. The first three items on that list are pretty easy to find for the big day, but it can sometimes get a little tricky incorporating your "something blue" into your wedding day outfit. To help out those brides-to-be I have put together some creative ways on how you can incorporate your "something blue" into your wedding day...

1. Blue Pedicure.
This is a great way to add your pop of blue. More than likely you are planning on getting your nails done before your big day, so choosing a shade of blue is the perfect way to add that something blue without having to add anything else to your to-do list.
2. Blue Stitching.
For those that don't mind adding a little something to heir wedding gown ask the person handling your alterations if they could add your wedding date or new initials to the hem of your dress in blue. If you can sew this can also be an easy DIY project to complete.
3. Blue Hanky.
I am not saying that it always happens, but I would say most brides (and grooms) will tear up at some point during the wedding ceremony. Why not find an adorable blue hanky to carry with you down the aisle. You can find some great ones on Etsy or ask a relative if they have one (then it could also be your something old or borrowed).
4. Blue Vows.
I'm not says they are to be sad, instead write your vows out on blue paper. This is a great ideas for the bride who is afraid that they might blank when they are in front of so many guests.
5. Blue "I Do".
This might be one of my favorite ways to add your "something blue." You can get stickers or a blue sharpie to add a cute "I Do" to the bottom of your wedding day shoes.
Which is your favorite way to incorporate your "something blue" into your wedding day?


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This past week I have been getting some rest, relaxation and tons of sun down at the beach. One thing I always look forward to while I am at the beach is the easy access we have to enjoy some amazing seafood. You might call me a seafood snob, but with my aunt and uncle living at the river I was raised enjoying freshly caught (as in it was swimming without a care in the world less than 24 hours ago) seafood so anything less than that is just not acceptable. 

One of my favorite recipes that I always have a few times while I am at the beach are fish tacos. I love the different salsas, slaws and dressings that restaurants pair with their fish and have fallen in love with all of them. Since I will be heading home tomorrow I decided to hunt down my own delicious fish taco recipe so that I can enjoy them year round. Here is one that I cannot wait to try that I found from Midwest Living

  • 1 fresh mango, seeded, peeled and diced
  • 1/2 cup barbecue sauce
  • 1/4 cup light mayonnaise
  • 1 teaspoon lime zest
  • 3 cups coleslaw mix (shredded cabbage with carrot)
  • 4 green onions, thinly sliced
  • 12 ounces fresh white fish (tilapia, cod or mahi are popular choices)
  • 8 6-inch tortillas
  • 1/2 cup sliced guacamole
  • 1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro

  1. Place half the diced mango in a blender or food processor. Add barbecue sauce; puree until smooth.
  2. In a large bowl combine 2/3 cup of the barbecue sauce mixture, the light mayonnaise and lime zest. (Reserve the remaining 1/3 cup of the barbecue sauce mixture.) Add remaining diced mango, your shredded coleslaw mix and green onions. Toss to coat. Cover and chill until ready to serve.
  3. Grill fish on the greased rack of a covered charcoal or gas grill directly over medium heat for 4 to 6 minutes per 1/2-inch thickness or until fish flakes when tested with a fork, brushing generously with the reserved 1/3 cup barbecue sauce mixture during the last 2 minutes of grilling. Wrap tortillas in foil and place on grill rack over heat while fish is grilling to warm, turning once halfway through warming.
  4. To serve, fill warm tortillas with coarsely flaked fish, coleslaw, guacamole and cilantro. If you like, squeeze with lime juice.

This recipe is pretty close to my favorite BBQ Fish Tacos, which were featured on Food Network's DDD, that you can find at a place called Flip Flops down in Virginia Beach. I can't wait to try this recipe out once I get home! What is your favorite thing you like to eat when you go to the beach?


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One food that I always look forward to enjoying in the summer is watermelon. It is great for picnics, fun to grill, a perfect snack for the pool, easy to turn into a delicious drink and a great summer salad ingredient! With gardens and farmer's markets just over flowing with delicious foods during the summer months there are no limitations to what you can create a delicious summertime salad out of. I always make sure to take full advantage of all the delicious goodies I can get my hands on! When I ran across this recipe in Relish that included watermelon on a salad I could not wait to give it a try. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Watermelon & Grilled Cheese Salad 
  • 6 ounces of haloumi or fresh mozzarella cheese, drained
  • 3 cups arugula or other salad greens
  • 1/4 seedless watermelon, cut into small pieces
  • 3 tablespoons EVOO
  • aged balsalmic vinegar
  • 1 bunch fresh mint, chopped
  • 1/4 cup pistachios, rouchly chopped

  1. Start by slicing your cheese into 1/3 inch slices. 
  2. Next heat your grill or grill pan to medium-high and lightly cover the brush grate with olive oil to prevent the cheese from sticking. 
  3. You want to grill your cheese about 2 minutes on each side or until the cheese has some nicely defined grill marks (presentation is everything with the cheese! lol).
  4. Place your salad greens in your serving dish and then top with your cut watermelon and cheese.
  5. Drizzle the salad with your olive oil and vinegar followed by your chopped mint and pistachios. 
*This recipe make approximately 4 servings

This is a great salad to make for your next summer cookout you have as it pairs great with just about everything! What is your favorite way to enjoy watermelon during the summer? Have a wonderful weekend!


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As I mentioned in my post on Monday, I made an adorable wedding present for my friends. They are huge Tennessee fans (thus the Tennessee orange color in the wedding) as well as a couple who love to tailgate for just about everything. Since they already bought a house together a while ago they didn't really have a wedding registry, so I decided to get a little creative (surprised?) with their wedding gift: A Mason jar Bar Set. The great part is that this is a great idea to make for anyone for a wedding present, house warming present, or birthday present. Here is how you can make your own mason jar bar set.


  1. I first measured out the size on the glass for the vinyl decals. Next I created a design of what I was looking for on my computer to give me a better visual of what I was looking to make. I then contacted my favorite vinyl decal girl, Ali from Ali Cat Alley, to order my custom designed decals.
  2. Once my decals arrived I added them to my jars. Since these were a wedding present I chose to do a "His" and "Hers" on the drinking glasses but you could easily do a school logo, monogram or just a design like polka dots.
  3. Once I had the decals on I switched out the normal mason jar lids for the shaker top and straw set.
  4. And now I have an adorable, custom made mason jar bar set!

What easy DIY craft ideas have you made from mason jars? Be sure to share you creations below!


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Just as wedding flowers come in all shapes and sizes so do wedding bouquets. When you are talking with your florist on creating your wedding bouquet you want to choose a bouquet shape that will compliment you and your outfit. Those who are petite should probably lean toward a smaller, more contained bouquet style. While those who are on the taller side you could opt for a more cascading style. One bouquet style that will work for just about everyone is the hand-tied bouquet. 

While there are many different styles to choose from here are the six most common wedding bouquet styles:
Beidermeier: Like a nosegay but made up of concentric circles of different flowers for a somewhat striped effect.
Cascade: A waterfall-like "spill" of blooms and greenery that's anchored in a hand-held base. While shorter than most, this is the kind of bouquet that Kate Middleton had for the royal wedding.
Hand-Tied: A dense bunch of blooms loosely hand-tied together. This is the most common and the easiest to make if you are looking for a DIY bouquet project.
Composite: A handmade creation in which different petals or buds are wired together on a single stem, creating the illusion of one giant flower.
Nosegay: A small, round cluster of flowers, all cut to a uniform length. Usually made with one dominant flower or color, nosegays are wrapped tightly with ribbon or lace for a delicate effect. 
Pomander: A bloom-covered ball suspended from a ribbon and perfect for child attendants. 

No matter which bouquet style you choose, you should know how to carry it so it makes you look stunning. You want to rest your arms just above your hip bones so the bouquet will be positioned close to your natural waist line. 

Which bouquet style is your favorite? What kind of bouquet did you have for your wedding? 


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Happy Monday to you all! Sorry I have been away for two weeks but I am back, so no worries! This summer has just been flying by and I can't seem to keep up. A few weeks ago I got to stand by my friend as her MOH on her wedding day. The happy couple decided to host their wedding down in Kingsport, TN so that meant a fun road trip for me! I had so much fun that weekend with the bride and groom to-be and could not wait to share some of my favorite moments with you! Let the wedding festivities begin...

We were off and running as soon as I arrived in Tennessee for the wedding weekend. Here is the bride and I on our way to rehearsal...
When getting ready the morning of a wedding you can never have too much champagne...
Then it was time to get my hair done...
And then it was off to the wedding for the I dos! Sorry no pictures since I was in the wedding, but I did get some great shots of how the bride incorporated the Tennessee orange into the wedding details! The earrings and bow ties matched perfectly!
Can't forget a group shot of the entire wedding party...
The reception had the cutest cupcake tower with so many delicious flavors...
The heals came off when it was time to hit the dance floor...
And the best part of the whole weekend? I think it might have to be my date!
Be sure to check back in on Thursday when I share with you how I made their wedding present. :) Have a wonderful rest of your day!


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